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June 11 2015


I wish more men would stop talking abt taking girls who wear makeup on swimming dates to see what they look like barefaced and start wearing makeup themselves bc I’m honestly tired of looking at so many ugly men every day ur all so disgusting to look at every day at least I TRY at least I attempt to look nice u ugly men just get to go around being ugly all day and nobody makes memes out of u like PLEASE start wearing makeup so I don’t have to look at ur disgusting men faces im disgusted lookin at men who haven’t washed their faces in 3 months tbh

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my favourite thing about this Official Johnny Test promotional image is that they didn’t bother to leave the gaps between the dogs legs transparent

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Reminder to transmen




There are plenty of cis boys who:
-have wide hips
-have very high voices
-big thighs and butts
-are very chubby
-have a lot of breast tissue
-have small feet
-have round faces
-have “feminine features”

Remember that these shouldn’t be qualities you feel self conscious or less masculine about, there’s nothing about your body that makes you any less valid than any cis boy out there, you little manly man.

i need to read this more often.

I totally should remind that every day..

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in support of all the boys with feelings out there.

sometimes i feel bad, but it’s hard to actually let myself feel it. i’ve conquered most of my insecurities about masculinity, but there is still something holding me back.

i hope squinting my face real hard is enough for now, and i hope to slowly learn how to open myself up enough to allow the true catharsis to come out.






(Fundraiser link)

Dearest Tumblr,

My hands are shaking. I am honestly so terrified and I almost can’t believe I’m typing these words right now. I learned from a family member that my mother had plans to try and de-transition me. She believed that if she got close enough to me, and cultivated a relationship with me, she could convince me to cease transitioning, stop HRT, and live as a boy. She was hoping that my transgender identity was a phase, a passing choice, a something she could talk me out of. This hurts. This hurts so, so much.

I’m in a really fragile position so I honestly can’t write any more right now about the situation right now. If you would like to know more before you donate please feel free to message me. Below is a link to a fundraiser that I began a while ago. I’m disabled and mentally ill, and so holding down a typical job isn’t really an option for me. I am looking for other working options currently. All donations will go towards moving into a new apartment, and once I am settled there, towards future transition goals.

Unfortunately, as things stand now, I simply cannot be subjected to the environment that I believe that my mother will continue to cultivate. My lease is up at my current apartment on July 31st, and my immediate goal is to have two months’ rent and a security deposit ready by July 21st. I am looking at apartments between $400 to $500 per month.

If you can’t donate to my fund, I of course completely understand, but if you could at least share it, I would be so grateful. I would also be happy to write you a commission poem in exchange for your donation. Check out some poems I wrote for National Poetry Month for an idea of my writing style.

(Fundraiser link)

If folks could reblog this, that would be rad. If folks could reblog this and donate $1, that would be even more rad. If every one of my followers donated just $1, I would be well on my way in this fundraiser. July 21st is getting closer and closer and I really, really need you all right now more than ever.

Come on, keep spreading and donate if you can!!

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fanfiction writers be like


“i bet you cant name two structures that can hold water!” “well, dam”

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mostlygibberish answered: Korra or Asami trying to sleep but thinking of the other one too much?

I did both because why the heck not.

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I got a bit carried away. I also kinda modified the face so its fits Uriel a bit better maybe. I can’t exactly see him falling, so I dropped the horns and turned him into an angry sun child(I mean not like he isn’t already, but—) 

Keep reading

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That one time in french I tried to draw “Stan” with no reference \(•^•\)

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Saw this pic and had to draw the Bros in it…


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I’m shipping T R A S H

But here’s more Kristi x Laila
Kristi may not like it but I (and Laila) think she looks adorable.

Now if only she wouldn’t sweat in that sweater.

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I’m not having a pop at Elementary, but Benedict is a lot more famous than anybody on their show. - Moffat
image image
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let them


I keep thinking about those pics with percy and jason kissing underwater and just when jason tries to do it:


at least nico stays still


too still





damn !!!

he bodied the fuck out that fuckin baby

i love how he doesnt even cry after smacking his head on concrete damn

Thats just awesome parenting right there. At young ages, when kids fall down, get hurt, etc, they look at the parents for how they should react, you can see this child did that here. Kids will cry if the parents react negatively, babying them or overreacting. Here, the dad says “Oh no! He got you!” In a positive way and the child doesn’t cry, instead he gets right back up. Its just a small parenting thing but its quite big. Also this child is very cute.

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梶 裕貴 - Yuuki Kaji

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